Kingdom of Tharstan

tharstan-flag.pngKoT is a society that values magical knowledge and power. Founded by the wizard Tharax, who created a spell to lift a mountain into the sky, creating the platform for Tharstan City. This Island in the sky can be seen from miles away, and is a testament to the power of the nation.

Major Cities

Tharstan Society

Caste System

  • Magii: People with a command of the arcane arts (cast at least one lvl1 arcane spell). This is the uppermost caste who’s members are allowed to own property and participate in the government.
  • Cantrips: People who have an affinity for magic but cannot master it (can cast at least one lvl0 arcane spell, or divine casters). This is the middle caste. Children born into this caste can advance into the Magii caste upon graduation from the academy.
  • Mundus: Non-magic users. Mundus are exiled from the capital city to the continent below, working for the local feudal lords who are members of the Magii caste. Children of Mundus can advance to the higher castes if they are enrolled in the academy at the appropriate age.

The Academy

At the age of 4, children are enrolled in the academy to train their magical abilities. Children without magical abilites are removed at age 12, never to return to the city. Magically inclined students continue their training until age 17 and must demonstrate their abilities to graduate and become a member of a caste. Due to the separation from the family and rigorous study, familial bonds are not as strong as you would typically expect.

Warforged Army

Ores from the rich mines below the capital are brought to the heart of the capital where, using a special forge, living constructs known as Warforged are created to serve in the military.


When Tharax created the Kingdom, he aligned himself with many necromancers who had been cast out of their homelands. All residents must serve 100 years as undead performing manual labor in the mines, farms, or army. Necromancy has no associated stigma in the Kingdom, and this practice is viewed as a perfectly normal part of life.


KoT has a massive economy fueled by the abundance of magic users and the unique geography of the nation. Numerous trade boats can be seen coming and going from the airdock and goods are hauled from the surface using the teleporter.

All manner of magical items are exported, and the components for these items are imported.

Numerous mines litter the country below, the largest of which is directly under the capital city. When the city was raised, ore veins were plainly visible from the surface below.

Crime and Punishment

Common law is practiced in Tharstan. Minor infractions can be remedied by paying a fine or performing community service. Major infractions result in imprisonment. Due to the magical nature of the citizens, felons are typically turned to stone for the duration of their sentence. This saves money on the maintenance of criminals. Criminals who are sentenced to death will typically be turned to stone and then publicly shattered and ground to dust.

Royal Seal


Kingdom of Tharstan

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