The Delvers Guild

The Delvers Guild is a place where adventurers can rest before heading into the unknowns of the mines and natural caverns that extend miles beneath Shadowton.


Gorti Jurgen
A thin, short woman works behind the front desk. She looks older, but is attractive for her age. She holds a clipboard and is organizing some paperwork. “Welcome to the Delver’s Guild! Looking for some adventure?”

Ollan Navarish
Near the bar is a tall, muscular man wearing chainmail with a greataxe on his back. He stands with his arms folded. As he notices you enter, he looks at you as if he is sizing you up, watching you silently as you enter. The scars on his weathered face make you think that he has survived many battles.

Aeri Deephunter
You see a Dwarf with pale ash-colored skin and long jet-black hair that has been carefully braided seated at a table. Even by Dwarven standards this person is broad-chested and muscular. The dwarf is polishing an oversized warhammer larger than any you have seen before. On the table is a half-finished mug of ale and a breastplate. The dwarf takes a pause from polishing a the warhammer, “You looking for someone?”

The Delvers Guild

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